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The best Internet technology

Relish in blazing-fast speeds up to 50 Mbps.1 with MultiMobile Internet. In neighbourhoods where fibre optics is delivered directly to your home, get the fastest speeds in the market: up to 175 Mbps for both download and upload. Upload videos to YouTube® and pictures to Facebook® or download shows, songs and apps to your devices in a quick flash - it’s easy with any MultiMobile Internet service.


  • The fastest total speeds on the market.
  • Blazing-fast download speed, more than enough for everyone in your home.
  • Super-fast downloads.
  • The perfect Internet combo.
  • Easy To Use.


Whether you need Internet for yourself or to share with your friends and family, MultiMobile’s got the perfect device plan for you. Get coast-to-coast coverage and blazing-fast speeds with the MultiMobile network on the go. Don’t stress about usage, get more surfing, streaming, downloading and uploading with the best MultiMobile services. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new or existing customer, with Bill Internet connection at home you can download and upload as much as you choose, and not get stressed about your usage. Moreover, with MultiMobile Internet you’ll enjoy reliable and secure service with fast speeds and Wi-Fi home network.

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  • Internet service $50
  • Internet service $50
  • Internet service $50
  • Internet service $50
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